Swansfield Community Letter: 2/4/17

Fri, 02/24/2017 - 12:13pm

Update Regarding Construction Progress

Water Update
I am writing with a progress report following a recent concern that the drinking water at Swansfield tasted unusual.   Water testing was ordered, which found the drinking water was and is safe for use and consumption.  Swansfield Elementary is served by public water which meets the Safe Drinking Water Standards.  The school system's water testing company sampled and analyzed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as an additional measure.  The VOC results were in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Standards.  For reference, please see the attached VOC lab results. Prior to occupying the newly renovated 4th and 5th grade pods, the plumbing in the area was sanitized, flushed, and sat idle for approximately 10 days, which may have impacted the taste of the water.

Please click here to view the testing report
Asbestos Abatement

During the current renovation phase at Swansfield, glue dots that were used to adhere chalkboards were identified as containing asbestos. A licensed asbestos abatement contractor and independent environmental consultant have been scheduled to remove the glue dots this Saturday, February 4.

Should you have any  questions about any of this information, please contact the HCPSS Office of the Environment at 410-313-6699.