School Improvement Plan

Swansfield Elementary is a community school. The mission of our school is to develop a community of lifelong learners among students, staff, and parents, where all learners are actively engaged, aware of others and themselves, and are critical problem solvers.

The students, staff and parents are all part of our “Swansfield Family.” Each morning and afternoon our sidewalks are filled with families dropping off or picking up their children. Parents mingle together and are greeted by the staff as they wait for their children in the afternoon. We are proud of the diversity (our families represent 28 countries) that exists within our Swansfield community and this makes Swansfield a unique and wonderful school!

Our plan was created with data from our students' progress and goals set by each of our instructional teams. We meet as a School Improvement Team several times a year to reflect and adjust the plan. 

2023-24 SES SIP Snapshot

2023-24 SES SIP Snapshot (Spanish)