SES Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 9:45pm

Ensuring the safety and well being of students at Swansfield is our number one priority.  This starts at the beginning of the day when students are dropped off and picked up daily in a safe and organized manner.   We are reminding everyone to follow the pick-up and drop-off procedures.  Failure to do so can create unsafe conditions for our students, parents, and staff.


Student Arrival

  • For the safety of our students, please do not drop your children off in front of the school prior to 8:15 am.  We do not have staff on duty before 8:15 am; therefore, students dropped off before this time are unsupervised.  This does not apply to students who take part in early morning extracurricular programs. We want to ensure the safety of our children and appreciate your cooperation.

Car Loop

  • Car riders can be dropped off at the car loop which is located on the side of the school (Rock Coast Road) from 8:20 am - 8:40 am.  We will have staff along the sidewalk to monitor student arrival. PDF iconSES Car Loop Procedures.pdf
  • During morning arrival, the bus loop is reserved for buses and student drop-off services only, between 8:20 am and 8:45 am.  Cars cannot enter the bus loop during this time.  Once all the buses have arrived, cars will be permitted to enter the bus loop.

Alternate Drop-Off Options

  • The option to park your car across the street in the Swansfield Mini Waterpark parking lot and walk your child across the street utilizing the bridge is also available. 
  • Please do not stop your vehicle along Cedar Lane or Rock Coast Road during morning drop off or dismissal. This is extremely dangerous, and impedes the flow of traffic for buses and the community.


  • Car riders, walkers, and Columbia Association students are dismissed at 3:15 pm daily.  Bus riders are dismissed as their buses arrive. Parents picking up their child by car may use the car loop on Rock Coast Road.  PDF icon SES Car Loop Procedures.pdf  Parents who pick their child up without the use of a car should stand by the flagpole behind the cones and wait for students to exit. 
  • Parents must notify the office if their child will be picked up by a daycare service or anyone other than the parent. If you carpool, please notify the office in writing of any changes.   

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