Swansfield News 10/23/2020

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 1:32pm
Swansfield Elementary School  
Media Books Now Available
Free Little Library
Swansfield Volunteer Recognized

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday Evenings - Virtual Storytime, 7pm. Code: Swansfield Storytime

  • Friday, October 23 - Last Day to Complete Second Semester Planning Survey (see more below)

  • Wednesday, October 28 - MAP Make-up Testing (see more below)

  • Thursday, October 29 - PTA Virtual Fall Celebration, 7pm (see more below)

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As we work toward completing the first quarter of this school year, we continue to be grateful to our students, our families and our staff for your hard work and dedication during this unprecedented time.  We are thrilled that our students are engaged and continue to try to provide any support we can to help foster success.  On average, 93% of our students are logging on to Dreambox each day, 89% of our students are logging on to Lexia Core each day, and our student attendance rate is currently at 97.22%.  Way to go Swans!  Keep up the good work!

We are pleased to share that our staff will now be sending their weekly announcement on Sunday evening rather than Monday morning.  We hope this proves more helpful in planning for the week ahead.  A huge thank you to our teachers who collaborated to ensure this can happen school-wide.  

Media Books Available for Checkout

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Contactless Media Book Checkout! Book requests will be filled on Wednesdays by our Media staff and placed on the “Library Book Pick Up” cart in the vestibule at the main entrance to the school. You will also find a “Library Book Drop Off Bin” located there.
Media staff will email the adult of record when books are ready to be picked up. Books will be available for pick up for one week, Monday - Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm, except for holidays or other days offices are closed.
Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades can receive books by completing a Book Request Google Form. At this time, we will be putting together surprise grab bags consisting of 3 books. This form can be accessed at any time through your child’s Canvas Library Course. There is now a module titled “Library Resources.” There is a direct link to this form there.
Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are now able to request specific books through our online catalog once they have linked their EZ login to their google account. Directions for how to do this were sent via announcements and through class lessons. Students were also shown how to use our online public access catalog during lessons over the last two weeks. Videos are available in their Canvas Library Course lessons for review.
Linking the EZ login to their Google accounts is a necessary step to allow them to request books. Please note that it is a little cumbersome, but will only have to be completed once. Directions for how to do this are in the Connecting your EZ login to your Google Account document,  in the Canvas announcements, as well as the module on your child’s Canvas Library Course titled “Library Resources.”
If you receive an error message or have difficulty, please contact Media teacher Cynthia Steinebrunner at cynthia_steinebrunner@hcpss.org as soon as possible and she will help you get the accounts linked.

Little Free Library

Swansfield is now home to a Little Free Library, thanks to Sarah Rigney, an 8th grade student at Burleigh Manor Middle School.  Sarah raised funds from family and friends so that she could build a Little Free Library for our school. She did this as part of her Bat Mitzvah process, which included choosing a project that she thought would be meaningful to her community.  Sarah loves reading and wanted to make books more readily available to anyone who wants them. Sarah also collected books to get the library started.  You will find the library near the lower doors at the front of the school, toward the end of the bus loop.  Thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful gift!

A Little Free Library is a free book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. It functions on the honor system. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from a little library, try to bring some to share to that same library, or another in your area, when you can.

Family Survey for Second Semester Planning

This fall, there will be significant public discussion and consideration around the second semester. At this time, HCPSS is seeking to understand families’ intentions regarding sending their students back to school, if that option becomes available, or continuing fully virtual learning. Please see directions below for accessing this questionnaire. This is not a commitment for the second semester; you will be able to change your reply. Your intention at this time will help facilitate planning. Please complete this form by Friday, October 23 at 4:00 pm and contact the school if you require assistance completing the form. More information, and translations, may be found online

To complete the form:

  1. Log in to HCPSS Connect (with your parent login).
  2. Select More Options from the left panel.
  3. Select Intent to Participate in Hybrid In-Person Instruction from the middle of the page.
  4. Complete the questions in the form for each child. Click “Save”.

MAP Make-up Testing

Thank you to families for your participation and support during the recent MAP assessments in reading and math. Make-up testing will be offered again next Wednesday, October 28, at 1:00pm.  If your child was unable to attend or needed to finish the assessment(s), you should have received a message from Ms. Beaman through Synergy. The message included the dates and times for testing along with the sign-up link and code for the google meet session.  If you have any questions, or believe you should have received an email, please contact Ms. Beaman (lauren_beaman@hcpss.org).

Swansfield Volunteer Recognized

Last evening, the Howard County Board of Education recognized recipients of the Friends of Education Award, established in 2001 to salute exemplary volunteer contributions of time and talent that directly support academic achievement and safe learning environments for HCPSS.  Swansfield Volunteer Alan McLaine was recognized as a nominee by the Board and honored for his many contributions to our school community.  We miss you, Mr. McLaine, and all our volunteers!  Thank you always for your support of our students.

#SwanFamily Staff Shout Outs

Thank you to all of our students, parents and/or family members who have completed a shout out to an SES staff member already this school year.  Our teachers appreciate your kind words!  It’s not too late to submit a shout out if you have not already done so, or to send another one!  #SwanFamily Shout Out can be completed at any time!

Shining The Spotlight

Each week at Swansfield Elementary we recognize students who shine by demonstrating one of our six Success Factors (Kindness, Self-Control, Perseverance, Empathy, Accountability and Hope).  Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for displaying the success factor Kindness this week:

  • Preschool/Pre-K: Marlee R
  • Kindergarten: Sydney S, Diana S, Joey T, Dyllan D
  • 1st Grade: Alexa M, Praise O, Max S, Lyric H
  • 2nd Grade: Ernest G, Raegan B, Shubha K, James D, Jason S
  • 3rd Grade: Madeleine B, Samirah F, Brandon C, Makhai B, Tayveon C
  • 4th Grade: Cooper J, Keoni S, Rafael G, Ariana M, Josiah P
  • 5th Grade: Kayla B, Lameda F, Gloria V

Additional Materials Pick-up

Additional instructional materials were recently distributed.  If you were unable to attend during the scheduled times, please call the school (410-313-6907) to arrange to pick up your child’s additional materials during the school day.

Poster Contest

The Howard County Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission is holding an elementary school poster contest. The contest is open to all Howard County elementary school students and the deadline to submit is October 30, 2020.  Please see the attached flier for more information.

MLK Jr Poster Contest 

Community Coat & Food Distribution, Along With Covid-19 Testing October 31

Please see the attached fliers for more information about these events sponsored by a local church and the Maryland Food Bank.  Covid-19 testing will be done by Howard County General Hospital.  Donations are also being accepted (see donations flier).

HCGH Covid-19 Community Testing flyer.pdf 

Free Food & Coat Distribution.pdf 

Coat & Food Distribution Donations.pdf 

WLHS Orchestra Trick or Treat

The Wilde Lake High School orchestra is holding a drive-through trick or treat on Halloween from 3-6 pm. All are welcome.  Please see the attached flier.

WLHS Halloween Candy Flier.pdf 

Social Emotional Learning

This week SEL teacher Sarah Croushler discusses Taking A Break.  Please see the attached.

Take A Break.pdf 

Family File

If you have not already done so, please log in to www.hcpss.org/connect to complete or update your Family File as soon as possible. HCPSS utilizes Family File for parents/guardians to provide emergency information.  If you are new to HCPSS you will establish your account and complete the Family File for the first time. If you are a returning student’s family, you must update the information every year. User guides are available HERE.

PTA News

The PTA is hosting a virtual Fall Celebration on October 29th at 7pm. Students will be invited to join Google Meets with their classmates to participate in a scavenger hunt and show off their fall decorations, coloring pages (see below), and costumes! A slideshow of students' artwork and costumes will be shown at the end of the Google Meet, so we need you to send in your photos by Friday, October 23rd. Use the following link to submit a photo of your coloring page, costume, jack-o-lantern or anything else you want to show off (one photo per student, please)!


In order to submit a photo using the form you will need to use a google account or an HCPSS account.  If you are having trouble submitting, please email sesfallpictures@gmail.com.

Fall coloring pages are attached. You can print them or pick up a copy in the Swansfield vestibule. When you're done coloring, submit a photo for the slideshow and hang it in your window for your Swan neighbors to enjoy!


All Google Meets will begin at 7pm on Thursday, October 29:
PreK and K: https://meet.google.com/mtv-wsdd-xid
1st Grade: https://meet.google.com/rfr-zscc-wzm
2nd Grade: https://meet.google.com/qbp-nxko-rya
3rd Grade: https://meet.google.com/xaq-fodu-yre
4th Grade: https://meet.google.com/jvx-ayyw-bzc
5th Grade: https://meet.google.com/zsd-oyor-tvj

We’re holding a pumpkin sale to raise funds for the PTA!

Order must be placed today at https://swansfieldpta.org/fall-pumpkin-fundraiser/ and pick up your pumpkins at Swansfield tomorrow, Saturday, October 24, between noon and 3:00 PM!

To learn more about upcoming PTA activities, how you can get involved, and even join the PTA if you haven't done so already, please visit our website. You can also sign up for text messages by texting SESPTA to 33222. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Cub Scout Pack 720 Information -- Please see this flier for more information regarding becoming a scout.


Community News and Programs

Please visit the Community News and Programs page for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.


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