Swansfield News 2/18/2022

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Swansfield Elementary School  

Swansfield News 2.18.22

Important Dates

  • February 21 - School is in Session - Inclement Weather Make-up Day
  • February 21 - Group/Club Picture Day
  • February 28 -  5th grade Unheard Perspectives Showcase from 1:45pm - 3pm
  • March 3 - Refresher on the Swansfield GT Program 

New Information

Black History Month Spirit Week


Unity Day!  

Wear RedBlack and/or Green.  These 3 colors identify Unity in the Black Community.


Dress up as an African American Figure

Research or think of an African American figure you know (past or present).  Dress up as this figure and share what you know about this person with your friends/class!  Get creative with your clothes and/or props!  Teachers will provide you with a name tag for the day.


Chuck and Pearls/J’s and Shades

Kamala Harris is the first AA/Asian woman in the White House.  Let’s celebrate African American fashion! 

Picture Day

Strawbridge Studios will be here on Monday, February 21, 2022 to take a 5th grade Group picture and Club pictures for this year's Yearbook.  

Yearbooks can be ordered online by going to www.strawbridge.net   Your online Code is: YB113041 Deadline to place an order is April 1,2022

5th grade Unheard Perspectives Showcase

We are very excited to present the Unheard Perspectives showcase on Monday, February 28th from 1:45pm to 3:00pm.  5th grade students who participated in this Instructional Seminar, volunteered to learn more about American innovators whose voices are often unheard. Students developed research skills, created impressive presentations, and honed their presentation skills. Please log in to hear more about W.E.B Du Bois, Rebecca Crumpler, and Otis Boykin.

Follow this link to join us virtually on Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/nsr-dosf-het

GT Redux: March 3 - Refresher on the Swansfield GT Program 

Does the middle of the year have you thinking about the GT program?  Please join our GT resource teachers on March 3 for a refresher. We will give an overview of the program that includes GT offerings (primary talent development, instructional seminars, and CEUs) and GT Math. Note: Both times will receive the same information.

K-2 G/T Night

Thursday, March 3, 6:00 – 6:20pm

Google Meet - Video call link: https://meet.google.com/uui-vrem-irh

3-5 G/T Night

Thursday, March 3, 6:25 – 6:45pm

Google Meet - Video call link: https://meet.google.com/dqz-ovqw-nbq

Swansfield Awards Assemblies

Our second quarter awards assemblies will take place on the following dates/times:

  • 1st: February 25th @ 9:15
  • 2nd: February 24th @ 9:15
  • 3rd:  February 25th @1:15
  • 4th: February 24th at 2:15
  • 5th:  February 25th @ 2:20

Please look for an email from your child’s teacher with specific information about the awards assembly as well as login information.

School Counselor News

Check out some great suggested books from our counselors on self-esteem and helpful hints about self-compassion as a tribute to Black History Month. Enjoy our county counselor newsletter! February

Car Loop Procedures

We would like to ask all Car Rider families to please review our SES Car Loop Procedures.  As you review the traffic pattern, please be sure to note:

  1. No left turn into the carloop
  2. Cars should enter Rock Coast Rd from Swansfield Rd.  This allows you to make a right into the car loop without making a U-Turn in the middle of Rock Coast.  

Our neighbors on Rock Coast Road have recently shared concerns regarding damage to their lawns due to cars making U-turns. 

Thank you in advance for being mindful of our neighbors and following our official car loop procedures.  

Young Authors' Contest 2021-2022

The Swansfield Reading Team would like to congratulate the following students for participating in the Young Authors' Contest.  We enjoyed reading all the creative poetry and short stories by these authors!    

First Grade - Short Story

  • Annika Sudarson 

Second Grade – Short Stories

  • Shira Goldberg
  • Leighton Hubard
  • Max Solomon

Third Grade - Short Stories

  • Safira Assani
  • Kaelan Daniel
  • Brian Gelinas
  • Mati Gemechis
  • Averil Weiss
  • Damone Williams Jr.

Third Grade - Poetry  

  • Kelly He
  • Amelia Milone
  • Jonah Schaefer

  4th Grade - Short Stories  

  • Paul Akomeah
  • Logan Avrunin
  • Madeleine Brannigan
  • Nora Goldberg
  • Aya Kanddil
  • Lexee J. Miller
  • Zaara Sudarson
  • Andrew Vornovitsky

 4th Grade - Poetry  

  • Anna Davis

5th Grade - Short Stories

  • Wabi Gemechi
  • Jordan Solomon

A special congratulations to the following students who will go on to represent Swansfield Elementary School at the county wide Young Authors’ Contest this year!

  • 1st Grade Short Story: Annika Sudarson
  • 2nd Grade Short Story: Max Solomon
  • 3rd Grade Short Story:  Kaelan Daniel
  • 3rd Grade Poetry: Kelly He
  • 4th Grade Short Story: Logan Avrunin
  • 4th Grade Poetry: Anna Davis
  • 5th Grade Short Story: Jordan Solomon

There will be a celebration for our amazing Young Authors’ participants in upcoming weeks.  More information to follow!

BSAP Corner 

Follow on Instagram @ ses_bsap 

Katherine Johnson (August 26, 1918 – February 24, 2020) was an African American mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. During her 35-year career at NASA and its predecessor, she earned a reputation for mastering complex manual calculations and helped pioneer the use of computers to perform the tasks. The space agency noted her historical role as one of the first African American women to work as a NASA scientist. 

George Washington Carver (1860s – January 5, 1943) was an American agricultural scientist, agronomist, and inventor who promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion. His development of new products derived from peanutssweet potatoes, and soybeans helped revolutionize the agricultural economy of the South. For most of his career he taught and conducted research at the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (now Tuskegee University) in Tuskegee, Alabama. George Washington Carver was the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th century. 

Read Aloud “Counting on Katherine” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZekF8_yg5o 

George Washington Carver “Brain Pop” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IfYIOYFVAM


Kindness Week - Spread #kindness and #love! 

During the month of February, we would like to spread #kindness and #love to our amazing staff members.  Please consider writing a few notes to SES staff members throughout the month.  These notes can be from any family member (parent or student).  Decorated boxes are in each grade level pod for students to place their notes when they return them to school.  The notes will then be distributed to staff members throughout the month. A hard copy was sent home in each student’s FISH folder. Additionally, you can find an electronic copy here.  Thank you for spreading kindness and love to our AMAZING staff!  

Kids Heart Challenge

Our annual Kids Heart Challenge fundraiser for the American Heart Association, Hoops for Heart is still underway. We will continue to celebrate by working on both basketball and jump rope skills. Please visit our school's webpage at http://www2.heart.org/goto/swansfield to sign up and take the challenge. This year's event will continue through Friday February 25th. Any donations must be made online and should be turned in by Friday, March 4th.  Thank you for supporting our school and the American Heart Association!

Swansfield Wish Lists

We will continue to update our wish lists throughout the school year.  

Student Lounge Wish List

Classroom Wish List


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